Connection Africa & Connection Earth


When Experience & Passion Meet…


We work to provide education domestically and internationally. Here in America it is critical to help people understand 'why' they should care about what happens around the world and how it will have an ultimate effect on them. We also help to educate indigenous people in African countries about the virtues of learning to co-exist with their amazing icon species like Elephants..

In several African countries, we help local villages and communities with sustainability projects. By working with community leaders we can identify renewable resources. By establishing renewable revenue communities are stimulated. The growth of villages and communities often ends poverty and provides educational opportunities for children.

When poaching or illegal hunting or all-and-all out right murder of innocent wildlife occurs, it is necessary to review existing laws, rewrite or implement new legislation (state | nationally | globally ) to protect these species from over human consumption. Connection Africa works with legislators to advocate for the implementation of laws that work to protect all species but in particular, highly endangered species like elephants and rhinos.

If elephants, rhinos, whales and so many other wonderful creatures are to survive for future generations to enjoy, then it is imperative we do everything we possibly can now to turn the tides - We work to give these species a chance to regenerate their numbers. Right now, they are being killed at record, unsustainable rates. Their body parts are sold for profit and these profits have been traced to funding world terrorism.

We must work to save these species from extinction. If we lose them for immediate financial goals, humans will be ultimate losers. For as other species fall into extinction, ultimately so will the human race.

We need the whales, dolphins and other Cetaceans – to maintain our oceans. EARTH gets 65% of the oxygen we breath from our oceans. Plastic consumption is literally strangling sea life. Over fishing is striping our oceans of fish and other marine life. CO2 exhaust from COWS is the number one contributing factor to global warming….

We need our forests and TREES in our rainforests to not be clear cut to graze cattle or plant palm oil. These trees contribute another 25% of oxygen to our lungs….

We need elephants to manicure our largest land mass on this planet. We need them to plant trees, provide water holes, etc. for over 100 other species to survive. If we let the last elephant die... we are signing our own death certificates….

All these issues combined creates a recipe for natural disasters like sea rise, horrific flooding, global droughts, water shortage, air contamination, and deadly fires. The likes of many conditions currently being experienced all around Mother Earth.



Founder/President: Nanette Wheeler-Carter

Vice President: Caleb D. Carter

Treasurer: Jennifer Rainwater

Secretary: Gina Harmon McBride

Board Member: Dana Habeck.