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Founded on November 7, 2014

CA 4 Elephants, Inc. a.k.a. Connection Africa and Connection Earth: Land, Air & Seas

After an extraordinary experience with the matriarch of a small elephant herd, the passion to save elephants was ignited. 

Many people today, do not realize that in the past 40 years human demand for ivory has literally driven elephants to the verge of extinction. The Asian middle class has grown and with new financial means coupled with cultural beliefs the demand for ivory, rhino horn, tiger paw, shark fin, whaling, and so many other highly endangered species has grown exponentially. These species, and many other’s like the pangolins simply cannot reproduce fast enough to keep up with human consumption. Especially since the human species is rapidly approaching eight billion and is estimated to reach 10 billion before mid-century..

Human population growth encroaches on natural environments Earth’s wildlife. This creates a greater demand on natural resources like land, water, vegetation, etc.encroaching on environments wildlife needs to survive. When humans and wildlife needs collide, conflicts develop that are causing iconic, keystone species ti be driven to extinction.

Connection Africa started out providing EDUCATION to Northern California residents about the plight of African elephants. We worked to support LEGISLATIVE support for AB 96, HR2494 and CITIES ‘16. As we grew we were asked by several projects in Africa to help provide SUSTAINABLE solutions to mitigate conflicts between small, impoverished villages and elephants.

Here in America it is critical to help people understand 'why' all of us should care about what happens around the world and how it will ultimately an effect on each of us and our loved ones.. As such, our efforts have grown to include many endangered species and the human causes effecting them like PLASTIC pollution, environmental degradation and DEFORESTATION. It soon became clear to us that many of the same situations facing Elephants face many of our own iconic species here in Northern American and all around the world. Especially the causes of global warming contributing to CLIMATE CHANGE.

In 2016 we expanded to include Connection Earth: Land, Air and Seas to our portfolio of knowledge. As it turns out, elephants are connected to whales and so, it seems important to help humans understand that what happens on land effects our air and ultimately our oceans & seas. In order to maintain healthy oceans we need to improved the quality of life within our seas for Cetaceans – whales, dolphins and porpoises, etc. Many species are being unnecessarily slaughtered, not unlike elephants for sport.

So, WELCOME to Connection Africa and Connection Earth. We are here to learn together and then to share what we learn with others.

All CREATURES Big and Small

All CREATURES Big and Small


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Ongoing monitoring of over 67 legislative efforts. Especially the one’s trying to purge the Endangered Species Act.


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We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke