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As of Saturday, 11/17/2018 Tens of thousands of people have been displaced by the CAMP fires in and around Paradise, California. The outpouring of generosity have been remarkable from all across America. However, this devastating situation will take years to overcome and rebuild.

We have been partnering with local business to collect donations for the fire victims. Costco has been particularly generous. Our local store has set up pallets for donations to be received. As it turns out, the Costco store in Chico, CA had 43 employees lose their homes.

We’re arranging for donations to be received in other locations as well. When we have a truck load or two, we transport donations up to the various survivors encampments.

Since the fires broke out we’ve had the opportunity to meet several of the victims personally. Many are children that have lost not only their homes, but their parents have lost their incomes. Their churches and schools are gone. Anything that once gave them a foundation to feel secure is gone.

With the holidays soon upon us, we are also working on planning a HOLIDAY EVENT for the children. We are asking local companies to set up Giving Trees and/or becoming donation sites for new toys to be donated. We have contacted the local rep for Hersey’s Candies, Walmart, and other companies to help make an otherwise bleak Christmas a little more hopeful for these children.

If you’d like to help let us know. This is an all-hands on deck situation. You can email us at: or

If you can’t physically help, your generous donations, none too small, will help make a child smile. You can use PAYPal to:

We will keep you posted on the progress and our efforts to help those that have literally LOST everything…. and maybe, in their loss WE all gain an opportunity to connect with those we might not have otherwise have ever met.

Nanette Carter