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Things WE make to raise


We Have BUSY Hands…

Our trade-bead bracelets

Our main staple to raising funds is our beautiful handmade bead bracelets. Every year, our board members make these bracelets.

We give them out as a thank you.

$10 donation = 1 bracelet
$25 donation = 3 bracelets

They make GREAT gifts.
We take custom orders.

Saying no to plastics

New this year, our handmade “NO to Plastics” kits. These kits consist of quality bamboo fork, knife, spoon and a stainless steel straw wrapped in a pretty cotton carry-case. So far, these have been a real blow out…

We give these out as a thank you for:

$15 donation = 1kit
$40 donation = 3 kits

Additionally, you can add a set of bamboo chop-sticks for $4 each kit.

christmas spiders

Every year, for the past 4 years, people cue up at events waiting to purchase their annual Christmas Spider. Each spider comes with a tale of the folklore about these beautiful spiders.

You can pick your favorite spider
For a $10 donation
For a $25 donation you can pick 3 favorite spiders.

We also take custom orders all year round. In fact, it is best to get your ‘special’ orders in early. They make GREAT corporate gifts, stocking stuffers, etc.