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Over the years, we have learned how very difficult it can be to know who to trust when it comes to helping out around the world. This page is dedicated to the individuals, programs, places, organizations we know for sure are outstanding and making a HUGE difference in the world.

Over the years, our team has learned from many individuals around the world about sustainable solutions. It was never our intention to get involved with actual efforts but to provide education that generated awareness of situations and conditions wildlife finds themselves. However, early on, we were approached by a young man in Sierra Leon asking us to help him build a school for orphans that had lost bother their parents in the 2013-2014 Ebola epidemic.

We set about to partner with an organization already on the ground in Sierra Leone. They would do the in country ground work and we would provide the administrative and fundraising efforts. We obtained an engineering group to draw up the blueprints while the other organization obtained the government permits. Just as we were about to break ground Ebola broke out again and our project was suspended.

Simultaneously to the project in Sierra Leone, we were approached to help to build a Masai Cultural-Education Village just outside of Nairobi, Kenya. We helped to build the road, install a water containment facility. We paid for the fields to be cleared for villagers to be able to grow their own food. The first year's crop of tomatoes helped to pay for young girls to stay in school. Every contact we made in Africa provides a tremendous education and humility.

Did you know that elephants are deathly afraid of BEES? We learned the value of bees & beehives are to help SAVE elephants from being hunted & brutally killed due to conflicts with humans. It took us six months of research both here in the United States and in Africa. We attended the international Land and Water Management conference. Held focus groups and took a grant writing class.

In December of 2016 we were going to launch a beta program by installing beehives on ten farms of the small community in Voi, Kenya.

n November of 2016, our counterpart in Kenya had been approached about delivering water to animals. Equally a worthy cause. One that went on to raise over $500,000. He helped to install the beehives

In early 2017, we moved our beehive efforts to another young man who was hoping to save his farm from invading elephants.

By then, we decided that due to the distance between us and our contacts, it would be better for us to find in country organizations that could help with projects and/or we could help promote other efforts that are worth of assistance and recognition.

Below, if you are interested in helping efforts in Africa, are a few of our vetted people, organizations and efforts.

NOTE: WE do not accept funds on behalf of these efforts.

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Vicent De Paul Turyakira

UGANDA - Vicent’s enthusiasm for live and nature is contagious. He is a recent grad from the Kabale University. If you are interested in visiting Uganda and learning about gorillas we highly recommend you contact Vicent.

Website under development


Charles Kinara

KENYA, Charles is the founder  Chake Children Centre


Dr. Lucy King

Head of Human-Elephant Co-Existence Program at Save the Elephants - Dr. King has engineered the renown installation of beehives to help mitigate conflicts between farmers and elephants.

  • Studied Zoology at University of Oxford

  • Studied at University of Bristol 

  • Lives in Nairobi, Kenya



Sue Johnson

Seeds for Peace provides vegetable and flower seeds, as well as garden tools, for war- and weather-ravaged people in many nation This "hand-up" enables war-weary and storm-stricken people to feed themselves, to regain human dignity, and even to work peacefully beside those they once called "enemies".



Dr. Reese Halter

Dr. Reese Halter's passion for the environment is lifelong. He is a powerful voice for bees, trees, and seas and saving nature now. Dr. Halter is a distinguished biologist, broadcaster and writer. He just released his 9th book Shepherding the Seas: The Race to Save Our Oceans.


Dr. Craig Downer

Dr. Downer is an ardent ecologist of the humanitarian sort whose favorite mottos is "not man apart". Dedicated to turning the situation around for life on Earth. Wildlife Ecologist, Poet, Piano player, Musical composer, Nature photographer who is founder of the Wild Horse Conspiracy and Andean Tapir Fund. In shore, he has spent his life saving wild horses and tapirs of South America.